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Management and Operations

Our Role …

  • Policy Formulation – establish policies to provide guideance to those empowered with the responsibility to manage Hospital operations
  • Decision Making – choose from alternatives which are consistent with Board policies and that advance the goals of the Hospital
  • Oversight – monitor and assess organizational processes and outcomes

… and Our Responsibilities

  • Defining Ends – identifying key stakeholders; establishing the vision, mission and core values; contributing to the development and approval of the strategic plan; ensuring that key goals are formulated in annual operating plans; monitoring performance against the strategic and operating plan; retaining overall accountability for our performance.
  • Providing for Excellent Management – select the Administrative Director and Medical Director/Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC); establish measurable annual performance expectations; delegate responsibility and authority to have accountability to the Board: appraise/assess performance annually; provide for succession and ensure that the Administrative Director and Medical Director/Chair of the MAC establish a succession plan for management, professional staff and allied health workers.
  • Ensuring Program Quality and Effectiveness – credential professional staff; ensure quality goals and performance indicators are developed for approval of the Board and monitor indicators of clinical outcomes and quality of service; ensure processes are in place for identifying, monitoring and managing risks.
  • Ensure Financial Viability – ensure that key financial objectives and indicators are developed, then monitor performance against these objectives; approve the annual operating plan; ensure optimal utilization of resources and operation of the organization within its resource envelope; ensure organization undertakes financial planning for effective resource allocation



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