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What we do

POLYCLINIC HOSPIPLAN is a high level independent management and advisory group established to function as an adjunct to its public and private sector clients' in house department or for the review, design, implementation and management of strategic and complex major projects. Unique to Health Care Quality is the experience and success with Private-Public Hospital Partnerships as well as with academic, teaching hospitals. With experienced project managers from hospital PPPs projects Polyclinic Hospiplanhas a high level of understanding for Private Public Partnerships (PPP) and can hence also contribute to the work of governmental organizations as well as private investors. The project including risk assessment and budgets, Business development,  Finance and Operate (DFBO) agreements can be formalized more rapidly and with higher rate of mutual success, development, asset management, funding and management of infrastructure projects for over twenty years.
POLYCLINIC HOSPIPLAN is focused on the MEA (Middle East and Africa),Cental & East European countries CEE & Caspian area countries region but has a wider geographical involvement. This regional focus results from three important factors:
- Our extensive knowledge of the regions
- The enourmous opportunities arising from the region’s simultaneous consolidation and diversification away from oil and gas and vast privatizations of the areas- Investment needs of sovereign and private wealth funds combined with the significant business opportunities which arise as the economies in the region enter the world market at an ever increasing pace and in an ever increasing number of different ways.
POLYCLINIC HOSPIPLAN  offers several core areas of expertise including:
- Asset management
- Investment management-
- Infrastructure management, facilities management, project management and operational management
- Public private partnerships
- Private sector business development
- International finance with special expertise in Islamic finance
- Training and knowledge transfer in these sectors.
POLYCLINIC HOSPIPLAN  is committed to encourage social improvement by placing an ethical approach to business at the core of its activities.Important for PPP solutions are that there should only be winners. There are three major forces for choosing PPP as a hospital solution: Finance – Efficiency – Innovation. All of these result in a high quality hospital.



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